Cher Tenbush

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Cher Tenbush

Cheryl Beth Tenbush is best known for kicking serious ass on Season 2 of the reality TV series Beauty and the Geek, teaming with “geek” Josh to win the competition in pretty much a landslide (just take a look here at how many of the weekly challenges she won). It was almost unfair because she was clearly more intelligent than the other “beauties” on the show, but then again would you expect anything less from the Asian girl? :) And she was memorably hot: Complex Magazine recently named her the 25th hottest woman to appear on reality TV. A highlight reel of her appearance on the show can be seen here, and a couple of post-show Q&A’s can be read here and here.

Since appearing on the show, she has worked on multiple projects, such as hosting the web series Cewebrity and being a style guru for the now-defunct Honeyshed online video shopping channel. She has also appeared in several movies, most recently in the film Father vs. Son (check out her IMDb profile for more details).

Cher is half Korean, a quarter Irish, and a quarter German, so you can add her to the list of lovely Korean+Irish ladies to be featured on this site, or if you prefer, the list of half-Asian+Irish+German ones (which includes fellow ass-kicking reality competition star April Wilkner).

Check out Cher’s Twitter @chertenbush, her YouTube channel, and her old Xanga blog. Also check out her Wikipedia entry and this unofficial fan site.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    she’s pretty … not hot but pretty. if she got a boob job and dressed more sexy then she’ll be hot <3

  2. not Anonymous says:

    @ anonymous – she’s gorgeous. I’ll take gorgeous over sexy 10 times out of 10. Also seems like a smartie pants. That’s a good look.

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