Chloé Wang

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Chloé Wang

There’s been nonstop chatter on Twitter this week about Charlie Sheen, but there have also been plenty of tweets about K-pop boy band Big Bang‘s new music video “Tonight”, particularly about Daesung’s female love interest in the video. It was posted on YouTube only four days ago but has already been viewed almost two million times. Here is the MV:

Who’s the girl? It’s 18-year-old Chinese-American pop singer Chloé Wang.

A little bit about Chloé: She is from Chicago, born to and raised by a Chinese father and a Caucasian mother. She moved to Beijing to pursue a singing career, and she released her debut single “Uh Oh” in both English and Mandarin. She then moved to Los Angeles where, amongst other projects, she worked with Nick Cannon and Aaron Fresh on a Teen Nick series called The Nightlife.

There are some biographical similarities here with Jessica Cambensy: a pretty half-Chinese, half-Caucasian teenage girl from Chicago goes to Asia to become a star, then to Los Angeles with the goal of making it big in the States as well.

Chloé is on Twitter, YouTube, and Formspring, and has a Facebook profile (which just reached its friend limit) and a newly created Facebook page.

For more info, pics, and video, check out MTV Iggy, Channel APA, and Cfensi, and this forum discussion.

Pictures and video after the jump.

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Chloe Wang from Stephen Murray on Vimeo.

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