Hannah Simone

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Hannah Simone

If you’ve seen the new Fox TV show “New Girl”, starring Zooey Deschanel as a quirky girl named Jess who moves in with three guys she just met, then you will recognize Hannah Simone as Jess’s gorgeous model friend CeCe.

Last week’s episode “CeCe Crashes”, with its focus on and character development of CeCe, was in my opinion the best episode since the brilliant pilot. My favorite part was when CeCe asked one of the guys if he knew her ethnic background, leading to this hilarious exchange:

Hannah Simone

Hannah Simone

Here is Hannah’s description of her actual background, courtesy of her interview with OpenChest.com:

“I’m a multi-ethnic person so I think most people are surprised by any part of the puzzle. My father is Indian, my mother is half German-Italian and half Greek-Cypriot. More people are surprised by where I grew up! Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, India, England and Canada isn’t a normal answer to that question. Being raised as someone who is multicultural and multi-ethnic has been the greatest gift to me.”

For more about Hannah, check out her Twitter, Facebook profile, Facebook page, website, and Wikipedia entry. You can also check her out in the December 2011 issue of Maxim.

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