Jasmine Villegas

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Jasmine Villegas

There’s a website called The Chive – you might know it from the “Jenny the HOPA Dry Erase Girl” job-quitting hoax – which does a fairly regular segment called “Find Her”. The basic idea is they put up a bunch of pictures of hot girls that people have asked them to identify, and readers respond with comments if they recognize any of the girls.

Ladies that have made an appearance in “Find Her” include hapa hotties Melanie Iglesias and Alie Layus. I’m proud to say that my blog postings of Melanie and Alie were linked to from The Chive as places where people have “found her”.

After the most recent edition of “Find Her” (featuring, among others, the half-Filipina model Georgina Wilson) was posted a couple of days ago, I received the following email from one of my readers:


picture number one she sure looks half asian… someone stated it was jasmine villegas.. but i’m not so sure. just wondered if you knew.. don’t worry if not.


Here is the picture in question:

Jasmine Villegas

When I first saw the picture, I thought there was no way in hell that this girl was Jasmine Villegas – I mean, Jasmine is a cutesy teenager with curly hair who was in a Justin Bieber music video, right? (Aside: I could do a whole series of posts on half-Asian girls who are somehow connected to Justin Bieber.) At least, that’s how I remembered her.

But, according to one of the Chive commenters, the picture originated from Jasmine herself via her tumblr blog. I’m not so sure that it’s actually her writing the blog, but after comparing the picture to other recent pictures I found of her – particularly the one at the top of this post – I’m convinced that the picture is actually her… well, the face at least. :)

The blog entry is titled “boy let me show you what you’ve been missing”. Well, I can see what I was missing – this girl is pretty damn hot. I guess this shouldn’t have been a surprise, considering her half-Asian, half-Latina heritage – specifically, Filipina and Mexican.

Besides the purported tumblr blog, Jasmine also has an official website and is on Twitter, MySpace, and YouTube. And, as usual, you can learn more about her on Wikipedia.

Pictures and video after the jump.

UPDATE: Looks like the tumblr blog has been taken down – it’s definitely not Jasmine’s.

Click on a thumbnail to view the full-sized image:

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  1. Shaft says:

    She has those big pouty lips that make her look so sensual. Ah TheChive strikes again I remember stumbling upon that place by accident and then falling into a strange time portal because when I looked around again I had lost 2 hours. I have submitted pictures to their site and I have even mentioned them in a few blog postings though perhaps on one of my girly sites and not my main.

    Keep up the excellent work.

  2. Risa says:

    I love her. :) You should really look into other asian mixed youtubers ^_^
    in fact, you MUST search up “Kierra Folsom” !! She’s a gorgeous mix of Filipino, Cherokee, and Caucasian I believe. And trust me, she’s got ALOT of fans. hahaha.

  3. dan says:

    looks like selena gomez

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