Welcome Back, Jessica Cambensy

Posted in Pics on October 28th, 2010 by Jody

Jessica Cambensy

Last we checked on Jessica Cambensy, she was actively modeling in Hong Kong, where she is known as “Jessica C” (kinda like how Margaret Quigley goes by Maggie Q).

In July, she released a photobook called Just Jessica C that she is very proud of. And just a couple of weeks ago, Esquire magazine named her Hong Kong’s Sexiest Woman Alive.

It turns out though that she recently left Hong Kong and has returned to the United States. According to her Facebook page and this article, she arrived in Los Angeles last week and is renting an apartment in Santa Monica with the intention of auditioning for Hollywood films over the next few months.

I for one am wishing her luck, it would be great to see her become as popular here in the States as she has become in Japan and Hong Kong!

100 pictures and 14 videos of Jessica after the jump.

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  1. EFF says:

    Lifted photos… A friend sent me an escort link in So CAL USA… I told him to keep dreaming and get a life. I had seen her photos before. But hey… it’s a crazy world. EFF


  2. kelly says:

    Jessica is really pretty but I’m a bigger fan of Mandy Lieu who is also eurasian

  3. stuart says:

    From the poster and credits, it looks like jessica is in a new movie. I didn’t see any good shots of her in the trailer, but the poster pose looks great.


  4. Daniel Cambensy says:

    WOW!!!! My niece sure is growing up fast!!!I sure am proud of her career these days! Uncle Dan Says Hi!!!

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