Lisa Fleming

Posted in Pics on May 7th, 2010 by Jody

Lisa Fleming

Lisa Kim Fleming is of Korean and Caucasian descent. According to her website, she was born in North Dakota (her father was in the military and was stationed there) and grew up in Sacramento, CA. As a teenager she was into the car modification scene. She drew the interest of photographers at a car show and found her way into import modeling, and then into mainstream modeling. She now lives in Orange County, CA, where she runs a modeling agency, an online automotive magazine, and an entertainment brand.

After the jump is a sampling of pictures from her website.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    BEAUTIFUL! she looks different in all those pictures especially her in the first pic. that is what is soo cool about being mixed!

  2. Shaft says:

    She is incredibly stunning with a body to die for, I am rather happy I stumbled on this great and professionally maintained blog.

  3. bob the casino dealer says:

    id love to take that girl to a nine inch concert and then show her my nine inch nail if you know what i mean ;)

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