Melanie Iglesias

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Melanie Iglesias

Melanie Iglesias is a true New Yorker. She was born in Brooklyn and has lived all over New York City. Her ethnicity fits well with the diversity of the city: she is a mix of Filipina, Spanish, Italian, Puerto Rican, and Brazilian.

Melanie was recently named a top ten finalist as New York’s representative in this year’s Maxim Hometown Hotties competition. She is also a member of the World Poker Tour’s Royal Flush Girls.

Besides being a model (represented by Prestigious Models), Melanie is also a singer/songwriter. Her latest composition “Take It Off” can be heard on her MySpace page or on her Youtube channel

Melanie is on Twitter @MelanieIglesias and has a Facebook fan page .

Disclaimer: I thought I ought to clarify that Melanie is one of many ladies featured on this website that, despite the name of the website, are not exactly half Asian. Some are more than half Asian, others such as Melanie are less (as per this description of her ethnicity that she posted on Twitter).

Pictures and video after the jump.

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  1. dina says:

    This profile page of Melanie looks better than her fan page! Nevertheless, (lol) I would like to give the url to a fan page blog that someone made of her. I think you would like it :D

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  3. whu? says:

    Open mouth, lose interest. Srsly, she has all the potential, why does she need to show off to hide how nervous she is… for crap sake, go to CCNY for two semesters and take some acting classes, dont be an airhead the rest of your life, hot tits.

  4. Maxim says:

    Hey, how about giving some love to and posting our video of Melanie?!

  5. dfvsdfvs says:

    shes ONE QUARTER ASIAN. I swear every time some asian full of mixed, good looking or musician,etc comes up, asians try to immediately claim them or make a big deal.

  6. Age of Reason says:

    Uhm on her Twitter she seemed sorta offended that people were saying she was Half Asian xD even stating that she was “No where near that” (so I guess that means she’s not 1/4 Filipino either). She said herself she’s “Mostly Puerto Rican and Italian” so let’s drop this already. And @dfvsdfvs ^^^ Stop with the lies she never said that. My guess she’s either 1/8 or 1/16 Fililpino for all we know.

    I personally don’t think she qualifies cause 1/8 is too little for this website

  7. Lolita says:

    She is barely Asian!!! She looks more Latina and she definitively looks more Latina. Gorgeous girl.

  8. Lolita says:

    She may have some Asian..But she is mostly Latin…

  9. like a boss says:

    i was drawn to her photos and sexy style, but damn this hottie has no depth, shes so much hotter when her mouth is closed. no hate tho just being real i still love her ;) xo

  10. layd333 says:

    It’s better if she doesn’t speak!

  11. teenadolescents says:

    my polish friend said he has friends who are in too her big time lol

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  13. iAmYoungBasedPrettyFlaco says:

    She is so amazing<3

  14. Alesana says:

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  15. I love you
    NY forever

  16. John says:

    You cracked me up in those vids. Nice personality. Like the goofy side

  17. mark says:

    Half Asian??? Filipinos aren’t asian at all, they’re Pacific Islanders…someone needs to get his facts straight.

  18. danny says:

    i may be the youngest person to ever post on this site but she in my opinion she is the most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen im my life, and shes like perfect i dont know her personaly but i have seen her on youtube, guycode, and other places she seems super cool. Melanie has never give a reason to hate and anyone who does hate they are just jealous or a dumb a** .althought i am certain ill never even have a chance to encounter her ILY MELANIE!!

  19. Luis says:

    she looks more P.R thn Asian, Brazilian, Spanish, Italian and Filipina

  20. says:

    Non asians are jelly

  21. lisa rusbeth says:

    half filipinos are beautiful the best part is that they will always be asian and beautiful no matter what and she is the most prettiest girl all over the world.

  22. ChuckD03301 says:

    I cant believe all the crap that was written about this beautiful and down to earth girl!! gotta be jealous IDK and IDC cuz she IS one of (if not) the most beautiful women who basically came out of no where, and from NY alone to be discovered shes obviously got IT! keep up the good work hun! also who gives a crap what ethnicity she or anyone is for that matter, would it make any difference if she was actually 1/2 asian? lol give me a break….. Go BOSTON!! hahaha

  23. J-Cab says:

    She’s stunningly fine, delightfully foxy, gorgeously sexy, wonderfully pretty, astonishingly beautiful, adorably attractive, pleasantly charming, amusingly entertaining, spectacularly marvelous, heavenly fascinating, dazzling-ly mind-blowing leaving me breathless. If only she was from Texas

  24. Taylor says:

    Asians always want to claim someone who has barely any Asian in them to be one of their own. Not to mention Filipinos are Pacific Islanders….period!. Asians that are full Asian all look alike & there are so many of them there better be some good looking ones. I know that trick… they put there best looking ones out in magazines. I went to several Asian countries & believe me they all look alike & ARE NOT even attractive but rather boring. They have short legs shapeless, flat butt, no hips, flat facial features & same color boring straight hair.

    Melanie is not as hot as some other women that have curves, long legs with a shape. She is cute though. Sorry just honest plus I live in Los Angeles so please. I even went to school with a girl (who dated one of the Barbarian Brothers) who would blow Melanie out of the water.

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