Naomi Scott

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Naomi Scott

Hannah Simone (the subject of my previous post) is not the only lady of partial South Asian descent who is starring on a new Fox television series this season. The Spielberg-produced sci-fi mega-production “Terra Nova” features not one, but two such ladies: Shelley Conn (who is of British and Sri Lankan descent) and Naomi Scott.

Naomi Scott is an actress, singer, and musician from London, England. Her mother is Gujarati (raised in Uganda) and her father is British. You might recognize her from the Disney movie Lemonade Mouth, which also starred half-Japanese musician/actress Hayley Kiyoko.

It’s not surprising that Disney would cast a couple of half-Asian girls to star alongside white males in one of their movies – it’s a phenomenon that I’ve written about before. What’s interesting is that Terra Nova seems to have taken this approach as well: the male members of the Shannon family (the father and the son) are fully white, while the female members (the mother and two daughters) are not. I’m not going to complain though about a system that puts beautiful mixed-race women like Naomi and Shelley into prominent starring roles on screen.

To learn more about Naomi, check her out on Twitter, IMDb, and Wikipedia.

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  1. sulli says:

    could you make a post about Meisa Kuroki?

  2. baba says:

    yea. she cute

  3. Shaft says:

    I was only researching this girl today and found out she was English which I didn’t realise before, her accent was convincing in my view. The actress who played her mother never tried to hide her accent, they are both stunners thanks for this post.

  4. Priya says:

    Mixed-race South-Asian girls and boys are HOT. Naomi is just drop-dead gorgeous.

  5. Priya says:

    Naomi Scott & Zayn Malik would make a cute couple: both are mixed-race South-Asians, they have similar features, both are beautiful.

  6. Lol says:

    Zayn Malik is 100% Pakistani. Not mixed.

  7. Erin says:

    @Lol Zayn Malik is half white and half Pakistani.

  8. Magnus says:

    Not to “mince” words now but since her mother originates from Gujarat which is like North west India she cannot be “mixed race” since us europeans originated from that general area as well personally I don’t really care about the color of the skin.
    BUT other than that I agree in full both Lemonade mouth and especially Terra Nova were great.
    And YES Shelley Conn and Naomi Scott are beautiful much thanks to their ethnic “mixing”, and the accent goes a long way too!

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