WPT Royal Flush Girls

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WPT Royal Flush Girls

All I can say is… whoa.

The World Poker Tour has hired a team of six girls to appear at WPT events as the Royal Flush Girls. And all of them are mixed Asian! Including two of my favorites, Michelle Banzer and Melyssa Grace.

The Royal Flush Girls are:
Michelle Banzer – Vietnamese, Chinese, Mongolian, Russian, German, Cherokee, Irish
Melyssa Grace – Filipina, German
Jennifer Haley – Korean, Japanese, German, Irish, French, Scottish
Melanie Iglesias – Filipina, Spanish, Italian, Puerto Rican, Brazilian
Sunisa Kim – Thai, Cambodian
Katrina Topacio – Filipina, Spanish

You can follow them on Twitter @RoyalFlushGirls. You can also individually follow @MichelleBanzer, @melyssagrace, @melanieiglesias, and @DaRealSunisaKim.

UPDATE: You can also follow @JenlynnHaley and @katrinatopacio.

Pics of the girls from the official WPT Royal Flush Girls webpage, as well as a YouTube video, after the jump:

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Olivia Munn on Tour + on The Daily Show

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Olivia Munn

It has been a busy few weeks for Olivia Munn since I published my last post about her. Her new book Suck It Wonder Woman! hit the bookshelves earlier this week, and she is currently on a book tour to promote the book. The next stop of the tour is here in New York City, tonight (Friday July 9) at 8pm at Midtown Comics on 40th St. and 7th Av. in Times Square. Future stops include Long Island, Dallas, Los Angeles, Pasadena, and Torrance.

Book Tour begins! First stop: Yay City!!! [OliviaMunn.com]

Olivia Munn

Also, she recently joined The Daily Show as “senior Asian correspondent”. Her addition to the show has elicited some silly controversy. The author of this article from Jezebel.com claims that The Daily Show has a male-dominated culture that marginalizes women, and that Olivia was hired based on being good-looking rather than on having comedic talent. There has been plenty of backlash to this story, from Daily Show staff as well as from others in the media.

Check out these clips of Olivia’s first three appearances on the show, as well as these articles addressing the show’s “woman problem”.

The Spilling Fields – Vietnamese Fisherman [The Daily Show]
Kremlins 2 – The New Batch [The Daily Show]
Arizona’s Photo Radar [The Daily Show]

The Daily Show’s Woman Problem [Jezebel]
Women of The Daily Show Speak [The Daily Show]
Is Olivia Munn too sexy for “The Daily Show”? [Salon.com]
Olivia Munn of G4, Goes Beyond Comic Pinup [New York Times]
Outrage World: How feminist blogs like Jezebel gin up page views by exploiting women’s worst tendencies [Slate]

Navi Rawat

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Navi Rawat

A few years ago there was a show on TV called The O.C. The cast was loaded with hot ladies, particularly two women who have been suspected of being part-Asian: Olivia Wilde (who was a hotter-than-hot blonde on the show, and who is 100% Irish) and Rachel Bilson (who was rumored to be half-Filipina – in fact, the January 2007 issue of Cosmopolitan Philippines says she is half-Pinay – but Wikipedia indicates she is Italian and Jewish).

But for me, the hottest girl on the show was Navi Rawat. Navi played a Latina girl on the show, but in real life she is half-Indian and half-German. She later went on to star in the TV show Numb3rs (I can’t resist hot girls who are good at math – e.g. Lindsay Lohan’s character from Mean Girls), and currently she has a recurring role on Burn Notice alongside fellow half-Indian actress Gabrielle Anwar.

(By the way, in case there is any disagreement whether half-Indian counts as half-Asian, please refer to indiansareasian.com.)

Pictures after the jump.

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Fashion blogger Rumi Neely

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Rumi Neely

Rumi Neely is the author of the fashiontoast fashion blog. She is half-Japanese and half-Dutch/Scottish. She is well respected in the fashion industry, regularly scoring front-row seats at many runway shows. She’s also gorgeous!

She wrote a fascinating post on her blog about her growing up as a half-Japanese girl in Tokyo and Hong Kong, and discovering in high school how impossibly beautiful half-Japanese girls can be.

She is currently featured in an advertising campaign for Forever 21. YouTube has a behind-the-scenes look at her photo shoot.

Rumi is on Twitter @rumineely.

Half and half [fashiontoast]
Behind the Scenes: Rumi Neely + Forever 21 Photoshoot [YouTube]

Christina Masterson agogo no more

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Christina Masterson

In other half-Asian fashion blogger news, Christina Masterson (previously featured on my blog here and here) is no longer a co-author of the agogofashion fashion blog. Not unexpected, since co-author Jen Humphrey has been exclusively authoring the blog for more than a month and managing the blog’s Twitter account.

Christina’s past contributions are still available in the archives, which are totally worth digging through to find absolutely stunning pictures such as the one above.

I also found a couple of video links featuring Christina, the first is a Levi’s commercial, the second is a scene from the movie Monster in Law.

January 2010 [agogofashion]
Spot Levi’s 501 : First Time – commercial 2008 [VidPop]
Monster in Law Part 15 [YouTube]

Half-Asian + Half-Asian = Totally Hot!

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Thai Marie Cali and Sasha Singleton

Top Asian Models posted pics from a sexy photo shoot featuring Thai Marie Cali (half Thai and half Sicilian) and Sasha Singleton (half Thai-Chinese and half Scottish-Irish). Plenty more half-Asians can be found there as well!

Hot Asian Models Thai Cali and Sasha Singleton Photo Shoot [Top Asian Models]

April Wilkner

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April Wilkner

April Wilkner is best known for being a contestant on season two of America’s Next Top Model. She is half-Japanese and half-Caucasian (a mix of German, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish).

In my estimation she may be the greatest ANTM contestant of all time. She was a total package of talent and beauty. She won more judge’s challenges than anyone else that season, and she looked good doing it. She should have won that season but she was eliminated from the show for being too analytical. Heaven forbid a model might actually think!

Since then, she has worked as a professional model and actress, most recently appearing on the TV show Royal Pains.

Check out her website, her Facebook, her MySpace, and her IMDB entry. Also check out this gallery on All ANTM, this summary on ANTM411, this interview on Amped Asia and this writeup on BuddyTV.

Pictures and video after the jump.

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Lisa Kim Fleming links

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Lisa Kim Fleming

In recognition of South Korea and U.S.A. advancing to the second round of the World Cup, here are some cool links of my favorite Korean-American soccer fan Lisa Kim Fleming:

Personal links:
Personal website
JTuned Magazine
Inspired Models by Lisa Kim Fleming

Other links:
Lisa Fleming [Half-Asians]
Q & A with the beautiful Lisa Kim Fleming [FOKAL Magazine]
Lisa Kim Fleming Interview [Amped Asia]
Interview with Lisa Kim Fleming [HalfKorean]
OMG Sexy Asian Babe – Lisa Kim Fleming [OMGSoySauce]

On a side note, I would have to say that Shin Mina aka Hot Korean Soccer Babe is my favorite Korean-Korean soccer fan. Check out this picture of her from the 2002 World Cup.