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Alicia Whitten

Posted in Pics on November 1st, 2010 by Jody – Be the first to comment

Alicia Whitten

A short bio of model Alicia Ann Whitten, from her ModelMayhem profile:

“I was born in Omaha Nebraska and my model name is Cornhusker lol jk. I moved to California when I was 3 and have lived here ever since. I am Vietnamese, German, French, Irish, Dutch, Spanish, American Indian Italian etc etc…lol a mutt! No one can ever guess what I am…hehe.”

Check out Alicia’s Twitter, MySpace, Facebook profile, Facebook page, and BMW vs. MBZ site. And you can ask her a question (and read her answers to other people’s questions) via this Facebook discussion.

86 pictures and 5 videos after the jump.

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