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Christina Masterson on CSI

Posted in Links on November 13th, 2010 by Jody – 12 Comments

Christina Masterson on CSI

Christina Masterson was on this week’s episode of CSI, playing a teenager named Lexie. She appears in the first two minutes of the episode, entitled “Fracked”, which can be viewed online at (Thanks Bill for the heads-up!)

CSI Video – Fracked []

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Christina Masterson agogo no more

Posted in Links on July 5th, 2010 by Jody – 1 Comment

Christina Masterson

In other half-Asian fashion blogger news, Christina Masterson (previously featured on my blog here and here) is no longer a co-author of the agogofashion fashion blog. Not unexpected, since co-author Jen Humphrey has been exclusively authoring the blog for more than a month and managing the blog’s Twitter account.

Christina’s past contributions are still available in the archives, which are totally worth digging through to find absolutely stunning pictures such as the one above.

I also found a couple of video links featuring Christina, the first is a Levi’s commercial, the second is a scene from the movie Monster in Law.

January 2010 [agogofashion]
Spot Levi’s 501 : First Time – commercial 2008 [VidPop]
Monster in Law Part 15 [YouTube]

Christina Has a Blog

Posted in Links on May 14th, 2010 by Jody – Be the first to comment

Jennifer Humphrey and Christina Masterson

A follow-up to my post last week about Christina, the American Apparel model: One, I learned that her full name is Christina Masterson. Two, she and her friend Jen have a blog where they detail their fashion tastes and modeling exploits. They are also on twitter @agogofashion.

a go-go fashion

Christina the Half-Asian American Apparel Model

Posted in Pics on May 5th, 2010 by Jody – 8 Comments

Christina Masterson, American Apparel Model

When I saw Christina featured on DISGRASIAN yesterday, my jaw dropped. You see, like the ladies of DISGRASIAN, I am also totally enthralled with this girl!

A little backstory: I am a frequent visitor of the Gothamist, on which American Apparel is a prominent advertiser. The American Apparel ads are a fun diversion when visiting Gothamist since the girls in the ads are usually hot and scantily clad. Anyway, one day a few months ago I saw an ad that featured a girl that I had not seen before. She was not scantily clad, but she was mesmerizingly beautiful. My hapa-dar instantly told me that she was half-Asian. Her ads were featured prominently on Gothamist for a few weeks: first it was Pencil Skirt, then it was Double U-Neck Dress, and so on. Then suddenly she stopped appearing in the ads. I was strangely disappointed about it. I tried to find more information about her, to no avail. I wasn’t even able to learn her name.

Then I saw the article on DISGRASIAN. Her name is Christina! And, according to the article comments, it has been confirmed that she is half-Filipino, half-Caucasian, and 100% beautiful.

UPDATE: I posted some more info on Christina here.

A gallery of 95 Christina pics culled from the American Apparel web store, after the jump.

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