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Lisa Kim Fleming links

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Lisa Kim Fleming

In recognition of South Korea and U.S.A. advancing to the second round of the World Cup, here are some cool links of my favorite Korean-American soccer fan Lisa Kim Fleming:

Personal links:
Personal website
JTuned Magazine
Inspired Models by Lisa Kim Fleming

Other links:
Lisa Fleming [Half-Asians]
Q & A with the beautiful Lisa Kim Fleming [FOKAL Magazine]
Lisa Kim Fleming Interview [Amped Asia]
Interview with Lisa Kim Fleming [HalfKorean]
OMG Sexy Asian Babe – Lisa Kim Fleming [OMGSoySauce]

On a side note, I would have to say that Shin Mina aka Hot Korean Soccer Babe is my favorite Korean-Korean soccer fan. Check out this picture of her from the 2002 World Cup.

Lisa Fleming

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Lisa Fleming

Lisa Kim Fleming is of Korean and Caucasian descent. According to her website, she was born in North Dakota (her father was in the military and was stationed there) and grew up in Sacramento, CA. As a teenager she was into the car modification scene. She drew the interest of photographers at a car show and found her way into import modeling, and then into mainstream modeling. She now lives in Orange County, CA, where she runs a modeling agency, an online automotive magazine, and an entertainment brand.

After the jump is a sampling of pictures from her website.

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