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The Melanie Iglesias Flip Book

Posted in Pics on July 28th, 2011 by Jody – 2 Comments

Melanie Iglesias

Earlier this week, Maxim 2010 Hometown Hottie and WPT Royal Flush Girl Melanie Iglesias posted a fun video on her YouTube channel. Check it out after the jump.

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Maxim 2011 Hot 100: Melanie Iglesias, Olivia Munn, and more

Posted in Pics on May 5th, 2011 by Jody – 2 Comments

Maxim 2011 Hot 100

Earlier this week, Maxim posted their Hot 100 list for 2011. Included in the list are seven ladies who are of partial Asian descent:

100. Melanie Iglesias – part Filipina (view Maxim gallery) (view Half-Asians gallery)
81. Gabrielle Union – part Filipina (view Maxim gallery) (view Half-Asians gallery)
75. Nicki Minaj – quarter Indian
70. Arianny Celeste – quarter Filipina (view Maxim gallery) (view Half-Asians gallery)
54. Vanessa Hudgens – half Filipina (view Maxim gallery) (view Half-Asians gallery)
51. Nicole Scherzinger – half Filipina (view Maxim gallery) (view Half-Asians gallery)
2. Olivia Munn – half Chinese (view Maxim gallery) (view Half-Asians gallery)

A couple of thoughts:

One, how is Melanie Iglesias all the way at the bottom at #100? My guess is they lowballed her because they didn’t want to over-rate one of their own (she is the reigning Maxim Hometown Hotties champion), but really she should be ranked much higher – and I’m not the only one who thinks so.

And two, how is there only one half-Asian in the top 50? At least they have Olivia Munn all the way up at #2, though I would have put her in the #1 slot ahead of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (i.e. the naked girl on the cover depicted above). Oh well, Olivia, maybe next year!

Pictures of these seven ladies from various Maxim photoshoots, after the jump.

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The week in TwitPics: Halloween, SEMA, AdultCon, and more

Posted in Pics on November 8th, 2010 by Jody – 1 Comment

AdultCon Las Vegas 2010

One of the cool things about Twitter is that ladies will sometimes tweet hot photos of themselves. This past week has been especially fruitful in this regard with respect to ladies I follow on Twitter, due to the confluence of several events: the Halloween weekend, the SEMA car show in Las Vegas, and AdultCon Las Vegas, to name a few.

After the jump is a sampling of pictures posted on Twitter this past week, including photos tweeted (or retweeted) by Arianny Celeste, Gina T, Jennifer Field, Justene Jaro, Kimberly Ann, Maya Michelle Rew, Melanie Iglesias, Melyssa Grace, Michelle Banzer, Monique May, Natalia Marie, Nikita Esco, Rachel Sterling, Sudana Pa, and Tracy Nova. I especially like Maya Michelle Rew dressed as a bee (remember Maya the Bee?). And yes, that’s Carrot Top making an appearance near the end (à la The Hangover).

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Melanie Iglesias

Posted in Pics on September 7th, 2010 by Jody – 26 Comments

Melanie Iglesias

Melanie Iglesias is a true New Yorker. She was born in Brooklyn and has lived all over New York City. Her ethnicity fits well with the diversity of the city: she is a mix of Filipina, Spanish, Italian, Puerto Rican, and Brazilian.

Melanie was recently named a top ten finalist as New York’s representative in this year’s Maxim Hometown Hotties competition. She is also a member of the World Poker Tour’s Royal Flush Girls.

Besides being a model (represented by Prestigious Models), Melanie is also a singer/songwriter. Her latest composition “Take It Off” can be heard on her MySpace page or on her Youtube channel

Melanie is on Twitter @MelanieIglesias and has a Facebook fan page .

Disclaimer: I thought I ought to clarify that Melanie is one of many ladies featured on this website that, despite the name of the website, are not exactly half Asian. Some are more than half Asian, others such as Melanie are less (as per this description of her ethnicity that she posted on Twitter).

Pictures and video after the jump.

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WPT Royal Flush Girls

Posted in Pics on July 11th, 2010 by Jody – 2 Comments

WPT Royal Flush Girls

All I can say is… whoa.

The World Poker Tour has hired a team of six girls to appear at WPT events as the Royal Flush Girls. And all of them are mixed Asian! Including two of my favorites, Michelle Banzer and Melyssa Grace.

The Royal Flush Girls are:
Michelle Banzer – Vietnamese, Chinese, Mongolian, Russian, German, Cherokee, Irish
Melyssa Grace – Filipina, German
Jennifer Haley – Korean, Japanese, German, Irish, French, Scottish
Melanie Iglesias – Filipina, Spanish, Italian, Puerto Rican, Brazilian
Sunisa Kim – Thai, Cambodian
Katrina Topacio – Filipina, Spanish

You can follow them on Twitter @RoyalFlushGirls. You can also individually follow @MichelleBanzer, @melyssagrace, @melanieiglesias, and @DaRealSunisaKim.

UPDATE: You can also follow @JenlynnHaley and @katrinatopacio.

Pics of the girls from the official WPT Royal Flush Girls webpage, as well as a YouTube video, after the jump:

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