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The New Year in TwitPics

Posted in Pics on January 3rd, 2011 by Jody – 4 Comments

New Year 2011

As I’ve mentioned before, Twitter is often the social network of choice for ladies to post photos of themselves from their mobile phones while they’re out on the town. And of course, New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest going-out nights of the year, so my Twitter feed that night and the next day was flooded with pictures of half-Asian beauties.

Here is a collection of photos that were posted on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day by ladies I follow on Twitter, including photos tweeted (or retweeted) by Arianny Celeste, Gina T, Jessica Michibata, Justene Jaro, Kimberly Ann, Leilani Dowding, Lyla Dee, Maya Michelle Rew, Michelle Banzer, Monique May, Natalia Marie, Natalja Sundseth (aka Talia Sunset), Olivia Munn, and Tracy Nova.

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The week in TwitPics: Halloween, SEMA, AdultCon, and more

Posted in Pics on November 8th, 2010 by Jody – 1 Comment

AdultCon Las Vegas 2010

One of the cool things about Twitter is that ladies will sometimes tweet hot photos of themselves. This past week has been especially fruitful in this regard with respect to ladies I follow on Twitter, due to the confluence of several events: the Halloween weekend, the SEMA car show in Las Vegas, and AdultCon Las Vegas, to name a few.

After the jump is a sampling of pictures posted on Twitter this past week, including photos tweeted (or retweeted) by Arianny Celeste, Gina T, Jennifer Field, Justene Jaro, Kimberly Ann, Maya Michelle Rew, Melanie Iglesias, Melyssa Grace, Michelle Banzer, Monique May, Natalia Marie, Nikita Esco, Rachel Sterling, Sudana Pa, and Tracy Nova. I especially like Maya Michelle Rew dressed as a bee (remember Maya the Bee?). And yes, that’s Carrot Top making an appearance near the end (à la The Hangover).

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Justene, Misa, Natalia, and Sudana’s Adventures in Singapore

Posted in Pics on October 4th, 2010 by Jody – Be the first to comment

Misa Campo, Sudana Pa, Natalia Marie, and Justene Jaro

Mixed Asian models Misa Campo (@realmisacampo), Sudana Pa (@sudanaxmama), Natalia Marie (@msnataliamarie), and Justene Jaro (@justenejaro) recently spent a week together in Singapore.

They visited Buddhist temples, phallic sculptures, and places with funny English names. For fun they drew moustaches on their fingers and invented a language where all the words end in “pa”. One night they chilled at the hospital-themed Clinic Bar, another night they partied dressed as animals. And they encountered giant life-size bottles of liquor and cans of soda.

Here are some photos from their trip, courtesy of Natalia’s Plixi and Sudana’s TwitPic.

Pictures after the jump.

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Natalia Marie and Olivia Munn at Comic-Con 2010

Posted in Pics on July 27th, 2010 by Jody – Be the first to comment

Natalia Marie at Comic-Con

Comic-Con 2010 took place this past weekend. Among the attendees was Natalia Marie, who is half-Filipina and half-Norwegian/Scottish. She was one of the spokesmodels for the Green Hornet movie which is coming out early next year.

She posted several photos from the event (and a really cute pic of her driving to the event) on her Twitter account @msnataliamarie. There were also a couple of real nice pics on calibre68′s Flicker photostream (including the picture above) and I have included those here as well.

Olivia Munn at Comic-Con

Meanwhile, Olivia Munn appeared at a Star Wars themed event for G4 looking quite cute. Check out this positive critique of her outfit by FabSugar.

More pictures of Natalia and Olivia after the jump.

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