Vanessa Minnillo

Posted in Pics on February 11th, 2011 by Jody

Vanessa Minnillo

I was inspired to write a post about Vanessa Minnillo after seeing her make a guest appearance on last week’s episode of 30 Rock. She was very funny as the ethnically ambiguous Carmen Chao: was she Mexican? Chinese? maybe Jamaican? You decide:

Of course she is half-Asian in real life: specifically, she is Filipina on her mom’s side, and Irish and Italian on her dad’s side.

She is best known for being named Miss Teen USA in 1998 and for hosting MTV’s Total Request Live from 2003 to 2007. She has also done quite a bit of acting, her latest role being her appearance on 30 Rock.

She and her fiancé Nick Lachey will be appearing later this month on an episode of Hawaii Five-0. She joins a growing list of beautiful hapa girls to appear on the show, including Dichen Lachman, Kelly Hu, and Reiko Aylesworth, to name a few.

Vanessa recently joined Twitter. And, as usual, you can learn more about her at Wikipedia and IMDb.

Pictures and video after the jump.

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  1. Den says:

    MEXICAN? Are you kidding? Her nose, eyes and facial bone structure says Asian with a touch of Caucasian.

  2. Jody says:

    Yeah Den, that’s pretty obvious to you and me, but Jack and Liz on 30 Rock didn’t realize that and were furthermore confused after seeing the video clip that I excerpted where Carmen speaks in fluent Chinese, Spanish, and Jamaican

  3. vandallas says:

    do not want

  4. Luke says:

    She is really cute but the fact she is engaged to that douche Nick Lachey makes me have concerns about her personality.

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