Vedette Lim

Posted in Pics on January 8th, 2012 by Jody

Vedette Lim

So I was watching No Strings Attached the other day, and I got to the part where Adam (Ashton Kutcher) goes out with two women Joy and Lisa who end up making out with each other while wearing only their underwear, when my hapa-dar went off – it looked to me that Lisa was half-Asian. I looked her up afterwards and her name in real life is Vedette Lim, and yep she’s a hapa.

Apparently she’s on the HBO show True Blood, in which plays a lesbian (I guess kissing girls is a common thing for her to do on screen) cage fighter named Naomi who gets naked (NSFW link) with another cage fighter named Tara. And she recently had a guest role as a pediatrician on Grey’s Anatomy. Which would explain why I hadn’t seen her til now – I would rather die than watch an episode of either of those shows. (sorry Vedette!)

For more about Vedette Lim, check out her Twitter, her IMDb profile, her Bella Agency profile, and this pictorial from Jenna DeAngeles’ Things To Love Right Now.

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  1. fullmetalslug says:

    off topic, but “Miss Chinatown 2012 contestant” Lauren Zhou Weinberger should be on this website.

  2. She was pretty damn hot!

  3. Jamie says:

    Watched her first role in Kicking The Dog. Funny movie. Indie comedy. She was a little underused, but great to look at. Funny scene where she wakes up next to some older guys crotch.

  4. fame says:

    She is the best looking girl so far in your post.

  5. wish your site was around back in 1998 (when i was in junior high)!


    1. phoebe cates from “fast times at ridgemont high.” put up old pictures of the red bikini scene?
    2. berenice marlohe. don’t know if you already have her?
    3. nancy kwan. 1960s iconic half-asian girl.
    4. france nguyen. ditto.

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